Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 80

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Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 79

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Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 78

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Ye Lei Ting told a very long story to Ye Zhen Zhen. After listening to this story, it felt like she has watched a very dramatic theatrical act.

She never knew it could be so tiring to listen to a story, by the end of the story her legs were starting to shiver.

Indeed, life stories are much more interesting then written ones.

“I get it, Brother Ye, please do not mention this matter to another person” Ye Zhen Zhen told him.

“Don’t worry”

After Ye Lei Ting left, Ye Zhen Zhen was left alone at the lotus pond, walking around in circles, her heart not calming down at all. After some time did only her feelings felt better, but then Ye Xiu Ming came and spoke to her “Zhen Zhen, I have somethings to tell you”

“Grandfather, please speak”. With the matter just now, no matter what comes out from his mouth, it shouldn’t be any worst right.

Ye Xiu Ming, moved closer. Due to old age, his straight back is slightly bended, no longer like when he was young. Looking at Ye Zhen Zhen, his eyes turns gentle, and these eyes will only appear when he is infront of his children and grandchildren. His lips lightly moved abit, wanting to say something, but it was as though as his lips was being held close by a thousand kilograms of weight, unable to make any sound. Looking at his granddaughter, she is no longer the mischievous girl but a married lady, an adult. No longer was she the little girl who will grab on to her grandfather’s legs to ask him to help her tie her hair. Times passes by too quickly.

Ye Zhen Zhen noticed that her grandfather was only looking at her, and not speaking, feeling abit weird, “Grandfather, what do you want to tell me?”

Ye Xiu Ming’s eyes turn slightly red, sighed and said “Zhen Zhen, I have done you wrong”

Ji Wu Jiu has arrived at Ye Manor, the servant by the door does not dare to make him wait, so he immediately got someone to send words, while he brought him in. Right after he passed the main door, he saw Ye Zhen Zhen and Ye Xiu Ming speaking by the pond. Ji Wu Jiu’s eyesight was very good, he still could see the facial expression of Ye Xiu Ming clearly, like wanting to cry, he thought that something bad happened so he ordered the servant to go back to the door, and he himself went to hid behind a pillar to eavesdrop on them.

He heard Ye Xiu Ming say, “Previously, it was me who sent you to the palace for pride reasons. I thought your status was prestige, and should be treated well. But actually to be a married couple, you would have to face your husband for life. Based on your personality, you would not like the rules of the palace. I should not have interfered with the fate of your love life, and ignored your feelings.”

When Ji Wu Jiu heard those words, he felt his heart got stuffy. What does this mean, previously when he was so forceful with the marriage, but wanting to regret it now?, Too late!

Ye Xiu Ming continued, “ Actually, your father also objects greatly to this marriage. He knows that you and Lu Li has grown up together and have a different type of relationship, and Lu Li himself is a good man, and matched well with you too”

Ji Wu Jiu got even angrier, what well matched! The only person who matches well with Ye Zhen Zhen is only him, Ji Wu Jiu.

“I know when you first entered the palace, your life was not easy, I have already started to regret that time, but what has happened, happened. I can only hope that you will be able to endure and get the fruits at the end. Although you might not necessary be able to get the love from the emperor, but to have one or two children by your side, and the head of the inner palace, as long as you can endure it then your life would be smooth. However, knowing you, you would still not be able to live happily. My decision still is wrong.”

No matter what he said, it still meant that he is regretful, after hearing those words, Ji Wu Jiu felt unhappy as well as lucky. Lucky you made a wrong decision, really good!

Ye Zhen Zhen answered “ Grandfather, don’t say it like that, fate has always been fixed by the heavens, if without your help, I would not be married to the emperor. He treats me quite good. I am the empress, and if anyone in the inner palace is having bad thoughts, they also need to think of their capabilities first.”

This sentence made Ji Wu Jiu’s heart felt happy. You still know that I am treating you good. Also… you are indeed my Zhen Zhen, the way you look down on others is really matching with me.

Ye Xiu Ming was still worried, “What about the empress dowager? Although Xu Family met with a bad ending, she is still the emperor’s mother, she may be able to harm you, and yet you would not be able to do anything.

“This, you don’t have to worry, I already figured out a way”

Ji Wu Jiu got curious, what is she plotting, therefore was hoping Ye Xiu Ming will ask her.

And of course, Ye Xiu Ming asks, “What type of plan?”

Ye Zhen Zhen answered, “I can’t tell you at the moment, but don’t you worry, I am your granddaughter, I will definitely not make you lose face.”

Ye Xiu Ming took a breath, “If so, I can leave with a calm heart”

Ye Zhen Zhen was surprised, “Leave? Grandfather where are you going?”

“During the days your grandmother is ill, I thought it over. Over these years I was engrossed in the worldly affairs, and has not really accompanied her. Now we are old, and not left with many years, why don’t I let my hands go and properly spend my remaining years. We are half feet in the grave already, every day we get is every day earned.”


“You don’t have to advise me. I was not able to accept this earlier. I did not want to acknowledge that I was old, and was always fighting with them, fighting with Fang Xiu Qing, with the emperor. Actually there was no need, making myself tired. Each generation will come out stronger than the previous. Actually I didn’t need to get worried for others, now that we are old, we should be able to spend our lives together. I want to bring your grandmother back to our old house in Jiangsu, it is calm and peaceful there, the best place to retire. We will grow some flowers, have some birds, isn’t that a beautiful scene.

“But Grandfather, Jiangsu is 1000 miles away from Beijing, both of you are of old age, if there is no one taking care of the both you ….”

“This you don’t have to worry. Although your grandfather has retired, it doesn’t mean I would not be able to leave my life well. I have discussed with your grandmother, this trip we will bring along your biggest nephew. He is just 3 years old now, the most innocent period, when he grows abit older we will send him back here. With him accompanying us most probably we will not be lonely.”

Ye Zhen Zhen still wanted to change his mind, but he waved his hands and said “You don’t have to say anymore, now go bid farewell to your grandmother, after this we would not be able to meet for at least a few years.”

What he said was humble. What few years, most probably this would be the last time they can meet.

Ye Zhen Zhen went to meet with old madam with her soul lost.

Ji Wu Jiu was left hiding. Ye Xiu Ming was his teacher, although the both of them might quarrel in the matters at court, but there were no hatred between them. But now to find out that he will be leaving soon, Ji Wu Jiu felt a little unwilling, almost like he lost an arm.

In the end, Ye Xiu Ming was able to manage the court for so long, was because he was capable, and talented. Not something easily achieved by anyone.

Ji Wu Jiu did not want to rush Ye Zhen Zhen, so he left Ye Manor alone. The old people will be leaving, there should be more words that is needed to be exchanged.

Sure enough, Ye Zhen Zhen only returned closed to the evening time. When she returned both her eyes were red. Ji Wu Jiu knew what happened, so he didn’t ask and only held in his arms while consoling her.

Ye Zhen Zhen was an optimistic person, she will think about positive things. Grandmother was able to kick away the soul collecter by herself, was already very lucky, this time it was not a matter of life and death, her life in the countryside would most probably be enjoyable, as her granddaughter, there is still a chance for her to visit her.

After thinking through, Ye Zhen Zhen’s mood felt better. Then she remembered something and looked at Ji Wu Jiu “ Emperor, I have something that I am not sure if I should tell you”.

Ji Wu Jiu leaned on her forehead and asks, “Is it something you can’t say or something you don’t want to say?”

“I…… am afraid you will be sad, if I said it”.

Ji Wu Jiu’s heart felt warm. “Then, let’s wait till you want to say it, or tell me when you must say it”

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded.

Ji Wu Jiu, looked at her. Under the candlelight, from her after crying face left marks of redness at her cheeks, making her look like a peach.

This person, was nearly not his.

Ji Wu Jiu felt super lucky. He was someone who never believed in fate, however he suddenly felt that his fate with hers, was really meant to be, no matter who, also will not be able to break their fate.

10 years of doing good deeds will grant you a chance to meet, and 100 years will grant you to share a pillow. They must have been doing good for hundreds of years to be able to be such a loving couple now.

Ye Zhen Zhen found out that Ji Wu Jiu’s gaze was glimmering, she knew this gaze very well. They were speaking properly just a while ago, though she did thought about those things. She looked down, and started playing with her own fingers.

Ji Wu Jiu grabbed onto her hands, and placed her slender fingers into his mouth and was playing with them with his tongue.

The moment Ye Zhen Zhen’s finger was touched by his tongue, she shivered. This person’s technique is really getting more and more, how can he manage to think about biting her fingers.

While Ji Wu Jiu was biting her fingers, his other hand was caressing her lips. She understood, and accepted his fingers into her mouth.

He was looking at her mouth sucking on to his fingers.. just like.. just like…

He subconsciously moved his fingers, in and out. Ye Zhen Zhen was someone that was smart, she learn from Ji Wu Jiu and used her tongue to caress his finger. To her it was quite fun, like eating a lollipop.

Ji Wu Jiu lost it.

He brought her to the bed, while removing her clothes he said “Zhen Zhen, for you I have kept my body for so long, and not touched any other female, how are you going to reward me?”

Ye Zhen Zhen was giggling from his touch at her ticklish parts, “How would I know if you are telling the truth?”

He laughed a little, sweetly he said, “If so, then I would request my wife to check it for me”

Because, Ji Wu Jiu was not able to be intimate with Ye Zhen Zhen for a while, and he has lost his rationality for a bit now, and rushing, he did not control his strength very well, and made Ye Zhen Zhen a little sore.

After completing the deed, he was looking at her awaiting for his praise, but who knew he heard her say, “Your skills has dropped”


Men, will never be able to accept those words. He turned her body around, and spoke next to her ears, “ You better not regret this”

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 77

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t think that Ji Wu Jiu will visit the Ye Manor.

In the inner house, it was not appropriate for strangers to enter, therefore Ji Wu Jiu could not go near Ye Zhen Zhen’s maiden room, and could only wait for her at the flower pavilion. Although he said that there was no rush, but actually he was so anxious that his neck kept stretching to see if she has arrived. Finally Ye Zhen Zhen arrived, not waiting for her to complete her greetings, he has already pulled her into his arms. The people serving them immediately turned away, and left the married couple alone at the pavilion to talk.

Not seeing her for a few days, Ye Zhen Zhen appears to be thinner, Ji Wu Jiu felt his heart in pain. He held on to Ye Zhen Zhen and lead her to the chair, him sitting down and her on his laps.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt that him being so intimate in the daylight was not appropriate, so she wanted to stand up.

JI Wu Jiu held her back, “Sit properly, we shall chat for a little while”

Ye Zhen Zhen could only sit and say, “Your Majesty, how come you are here.”

All because I miss you already, Ji Wu Jiu thought in his heart. He helped her brush her loose hairs, and then was caressing her face, frowning he said, “You lose some weight”

Ye Zhen Zhen dropped into his chest and sighed.

Both of them did not really speak. Before arriving, Ji Wu Jiu had thousands of things that he wanted to tell her, but now with her in his arms, he felt secured, and all those words seems meaningless now. He pecked her forehead, hands at her waist, and legs supporting her well rounded bottoms, he suddenly felt his heart tingling.

But, the timing was not right, the place was not right, Ji Wu Jiu shouldn’t make her angry. But the both of them was not able to be intimate for a few days, so he was not happy, therefore he said, “I want to get something from you, I hope you would be willing to give me”

“What do you want?”

Ji Wu Jiu look down, and whispered something to her ears.

Ye Zhen Zhen immediately blushed red, “What do you want to do with that?”

He tightens his grasp on her waist, “Of course to remember someone with her belongings”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked down, avoiding his gaze, “Go and ask the maid servant that stores my clothing from Kun Ning Palace, don’t have to get it from me”

He smooched her cheek “Silly, this type of thing how can I let others know. Furthermore, I want you to remove it yourself and give it to me”

“You…!” Ye Zhen Zhen felt that Ji Wu Jiu is getting more willful, no one can really guess what he is thinking. She wanted to get up, “Don’t play around!”

Ji Wu Jiu held her back down, resting his nose on her collar bones, he said “Zhen Zhen, let me have it. Do you know, these few days that I can’t see you, how much I have missed you”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s heart soften, him saying a few lovey dovey words, made her heart waver. In the end, she can only push his head away, and said ,”I go back to the room and take it for you”

Ji Wu Jiu’s face pushed towards her again, in a low voice he said “Give it to me here”

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at him, “What type of place this is!”

“There won’t be people visiting here, I have ordered people to guard around, no one will dare to come in”

Most probably he has planned this earlier. Ye Zhen Zhen rolled her eyes, seeing that he will not let it go, if he doesn’t get what he wants, so she can only follow along, so that she can quickly send this person away. Therefore, under his fiery gaze, she slowly untied her clothes, and removed the red coloured inner garment she was wearing, then throwing that to him, and then properly wear her clothes again. Her chests was naturally exposed for a short while during her actions, Ji Wu Jiu can’t help but to stare at it, his eyes almost burning with fire.

However, he didn’t dare to do anything, afraid that the moment he starts, he would not be able to control himself. The entire process was really a sweet torture.

Ye Zhen Zhen however was in a dilemma. In Summer, their cloths are thinner, after properly wearing her clothes, she felt that something was missing and uncomfortable. From the outside, the shape of her chests were also more obvious, how could she return like this?

Naturally Ji Wu Jiu would not want anyone else to see it, therefore he passed her the fan that he has, to be opened and used to block her front. The drawing on the fan was a lotus flower, and was personally drawn by the emperor, if taken out to be sold, certainly it will be a small fortune. The fan is rather big, once open it was larger than her shoulders, to be used to cover herself would be the best item.

Ye Zhen Zhen held on to the fan, looking at him “You are well prepared”

Ji Wu Jiu smiled, “To guard the room at night alone is not easy, you need to be considerate as well”

Ever since then, Ji Wu Jiu will visit Ye Manor every two to three days. Although Ye Xiu Ming has not been attending court for some time now, in the hearts of the other ministers, his reputation has been increased again. Even the blind could tell, Madam Ye was sick and the emperor was so concerned about her, obviously the Ye Family will still be in power for a while.

After a few discussion with Ye Xiu Ming, Ji Wu Jiu and him came to agree to 2 things.

Number 1, to dote on your wife is, “Not fighting back if beaten, not arguing back when scolded”. When a woman is angry, they are not rational, as long as your face is think enough, and allows her to scold you, when her anger dissipates, they will naturally come to an understanding. When they are approached nicely then, there would not be any problems that cannot be solved. All women are soft hearted, when one needs to act nonchalant, then do so, when one needs to act pitiful then do so, the most important is to never be prideful infront of the wife, it would make matters worse.

Second, according to Ji Wu Jiu’s deduction the matter with the silk shirt is most probably done by Bai Jian Cheng. Previously he was sent to Liao Dong, most probably he came into contact with Nu Zhen tribe there, meaning he has the right motive and chance to do this. If Bai Jian Cheng is really the traitor, naturally he will be punished severely, it’s just that whether there are other ministers in court that are in the same cahoots with him or not is yet to be known, and whether if he has any relation to Li You is yet to be confirmed, therefore the best choice is for him to stay low about this matter. Bai Jian Cheng was Ye Xiu Ming’s student, the matter with the silk shirt was also leaked from here, no matter what, Ye Xiu Ming would not be cleared from this matter. But of course, to be frank, the initial purpose of Ye Xiu Ming was of a good one, and has always been loyal to the country, he was also fooled by Bai Jian Cheng only. Therefore he is only asked to keep a surveillance on Bai Jian Cheng.

This promise made Ye Xiu Ming calmer.

Old madam’s illness has also turned to the better. Her fever has also subsided. With her children and grandchildren with her, she got more happy and have a better appetite, slowly increasing her food intake amount. No longer bed ridden, she can already take afternoon walks with the aid of Zhen Zhen.

The entire manor, can finally relax.

Because old madam cannot walk far, Ye Xiu Ming ordered for many types of flowers to be placed in her garden, and gotten two swans and a peacock, making her personal garden turn into a main garden. The moment she leaves her room, she will be able to view it all.

It was time for Ye Zhen Zhen to return to the palace.

Ji Wu Jiu said he wanted to come pick her up, she felt that to make such a commotion would not be good, so she wanted to return abit earlier, but the moment she wanted to leave, Ye Xiu Ming came over and told her that Ye Lei Ting wanted to meet her.

She has only met Ye Lei Ting a few times before, and not considered to be closed. Previously at the army, he was the main general, Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen both had to listen to his orders. Therefore Ye Zhen Zhen was really afraid of him, and was much more docile in front of him then in front of Ji Wu Jiu. Now they have already returned to the palace, was there something that he cannot inform the emperor, and must tell this empress?

Ye Zhen Zhen was a little confused, and asks Ye Xiu Ming, “Grandfather, why is he looking for me?”

Ye Xiu Ming shook his head, “I asked him earlier, he don’t want to say, but only said he must see you. If it was some other people that requested, I will not allow, but Lei Ting is someone who knows boundaries, if he wants to meet you, there must be something he wants the inform, so go meet up with him”

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded. Since they are of a different gender, it was best if they spoke in the open, therefore he was invited to meet at the main garden’s pavilion. She asks Ye Lei Ting, “General Ye, may I know why are you looking for me?”

Ye Lei Ting answered, “ To be honest, I have a secret in my heart, it was best if there is less people in the world that knows of this matter”

“O?” Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him with her brows raised, “Will you be telling me this secret? Don’t rush in telling me the secret, first explain why I should know of this matter?’

“Sir Ye has been kind to me, I want to pay him back”

Ye Zhen Zhen felt even weirder, “Then why didn’t you tell him personally?”

“This matter is big, although not directly related to Sir Ye, but its more related to the royal family.” He lifted his head to look at Ye Zhen Zhen, and smiled, “Forgive me if I am rude, but I have once carried you when you are young, although you are now the empress, guarding over the inner palaces, but I still treat you like my sister, so no matter what I would not want you to be suppressed.”

Ye Zhen Zhen was an easygoing person, his words did not make her upset, but was rather funny, “You must be kidding, you are only a few years elder than me, how could you have carried me, if you have a white beard, maybe some people will believe you”

Ye Lei Ting laughed, “Not only you, I have even carried the emperor before, do you believe?”

Ye Zhen Zhen was even more weirded out, thinking that something is not right. She asks back , “Since this matter is related to the royal family, then why did you not tell the emperor instead?”

Ye Lei Ting answered, “I tell you, and you decide whether you want to inform the emperor or not”

“If so, then brother Ye please speak”

Ye Lei Ting lowered his volume and spoke

Ye Zhen Zhen’s face immediately changed when she heard what he said, “Brother Ye!, Don’t simply say things”

Ye Lei Ting answered calmly, “Every single thing I said was of the truth”

“How did you find out?”

He took a long sigh, “That would be a long story”

Empress with No Virtue – Chapter 76

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