Chapter 81 – Empress with No Virtue

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The next day was a rest day, Ji Wu Jiu for once woke up later than Ye Zhen Zhen. When Ye Zhen Zhen opened her eyes she saw him laying by her side, the weather was hot, so he couldn’t wrap her up in his arms, therefore he was holding on to her hands, fingers knotted.

Ye Zhen Zhen lifted up her hands to see, and yawned with the other. She sat up, looked down to see his face. The jade like carved face was in deep slumber and lacks the usual stern and neutral face, with no lines between his forehead, so peaceful like a painting.

She bend down and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

After kissing him, Ye Zhen Zhen’s brain finally kicked in. She remembered yesterday’s happenings and took another look at the sleeping person, and found him detestable. She slowly remove her fingers from his hands one by one, and then pushed Ji Wu Jiu inch by inch towards the end of the bed.

Dong! Ji Wu Jiu got kicked down from the bed, and fell to the floor.

Ye Zhen Zhen immediately climbed back up the bed, and pretended to sleep.

Ji Wu Jiu was in a daze before finally realizing he was on the floor. With the aid of the bed frame, he got up, and through the cloth he could see someone is still laying inside not moving.

Thickening his face, he climbs back on to the bed, and hugged Zhen Zhen from the back.

Ye Zhen Zhen couldn’t act anymore and starts to remove the hands on her waist.

Ji Wu Jiu smiled, “Zhen Zhen, don’t be angry anymore” While he uses his jaw to push towards her shoulders.

Ye Zhen Zhen moves her body uncomfortably and said “Who is acting up”

“Its me, I am the one acting up, ok?” Ji Wu Jiu holds her down, “Stop moving, if you keep moving I will have to eat you up”

Ye Zhen Zhen stopped moving. Then, suddenly her stomach growled.

Ji Wu Jiu knows just how important is eating towards Ye Zhen Zhen, therefore he immediately got up from the bed with her, washed up, changed clothes and starts eating.

After the meal, Ji Wu Jiu acted like he needs to leave, Ye Zhen Zhen look at the him who is one step away from the main door and suddenly said, “ What with Bai Xiang Ru..”

Ji Wu Jiu’s leg which one almost crossing the door moved, and made a turn, sat down and smiled, “You finally asks..”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked away, “If I don’t ask, then you wouldn’t tell me?”

Ji Wu Jiu asks her back , “If I don’t tell, then you won’t ask?”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked down and didn’t answer.

Ji Wu Jiu stood up and went to her, holding her shoulders against his body. Ye Zhen Zhen was sitting on the chair, bending her waist, face on his stomach, not a very comfortable but yet she was unwilling to part, so she just let her side face continue leaning on his stomach, closes her eyes and not speak.

Ji Wu Jiu caress her chin, and laughs, “Zhen Zhen, I like to see you get jealous because of me”

Ye Zhen Zhen frowns, “So you are telling me that, the day when you first met back Bai Xiang Ru, that expression of losing your soul was also acted out for me to be jealous on purpose?”

“No, I was just shocked that she was still alive. I did have some feelings with her previously, and was regretful that I was not able to protect her last time, but when I saw her alive and standing, I was indeed happy”

Ye Zhen Zhen looks at him suspiciously, “Nothing else?’

Then with a guilty face, like having committed a mistake infront of a teacher,” Zhen Zhen, there is indeed something I need to be honest, last time we were indeed intimate before..”

Ye Zhen Zhen pushes him away, “Then what about now”

Ji Wu Jiu crouch down and held on to her knees, and looks up at her, “Now, my body is thoroughly locked by you, no one else can touch”

Ye Zhen Zhen blushed, and shyly said, “Flowery words”

Ji Wu Jiu held on to Ye Zhen Zhen’s hand, and gave a light kiss on the back of her hands. Ye Zhen Zhen pulls her hands back and asks, “Then, what do you plan to do with her now?”

For a maid servant to have been intimate with the emperor before, she should have been promoted. There was already so many concubines and consorts in the palace, to have another one makes no difference to Ye Zhen Zhen. But from the empress dowager and the emperor’s way of action, it seems like they don’t plan to give her a title, what on earth are they planning? Let’s first forget about the empress dowager,.. but Ji Wu Jiu… Perhaps his feelings towards her hasn’t ended, and want to keep her by his side?

Ye Zhen Zhen gave a stare to Ji Wu Jiu when her thoughts reached there.

How would Ji Wu Jiu not know what she was thinking, “My Zhen Zhen is so cute, “ he said while standing up, “What you decide shall be it”

Ye Zhen Zhen gave it a thought, in name, Bai Xiang Ru was given to the emperor by the empress dowager, it is not appropriate for  the empress to interfere. Therefore she said, ‘Why don’t you first ask her, if she wants to continue staying in the palace, then she will need to be promoted, if she wants to leave the palace, then you help marry her off to a good family. The current situation now is neither good or bad, really not following the customs, if she really wants to be a servant then she can come serve me at Kun Ning palace, I am a good tempered master, I will not treat her badly”

“Alright, then its settled. Let’s put this matter aside, I have another issue to discuss with you, and this matter will definitely make you lost for words”

The issue that Ji Wu Jiu said was actually his plan to roam in the lands of the citizen in plain clothes. The area around Su Zhe flooded, and it also became the place where ministers starts to corrupt. Since he wants to push for a better kingdom, so he decides to look for one of the heads to be punished to scare the rest.

And as usual, Ye Zhen Zhen was super happy when she can join him to play at Jiangnan area.

The both of them discussed a while on matters such as, who to bring, what to bring and using which route to travel, where to go and etc,…

After the discussion, Ji Wu Jiu returned to Gan Qing palace, and called upon Bai Xiang Ru, and pass on Ye Zhen Zhen’s decision.

Actually, although Ji Wu Jiu was acting according to Ye Zhen Zhen’s decision, but there is something that he is hiding beneath his sleeves as well, just that now wasn’t the right time to tell. When the time comes it will be known.

The moment Bai Xiang Ru heard that the empress wants to send her away from him, her face was full of tears, “Your majesty, I have been sent to Liao Dong for so long, and have finally been able to endure the cold bitter weather just to reunite with you. Now that I have finally returned to your side, I have only hope to be able to be able to serve you everyday. Although I am a slow but I hope that seeing how loyal I am, don’t send me away, just scold me if I do anything wrong!”

Ji Wu Jiu sighed, “Helping you find a good suitor would definitely be better than living in the palace don’t you think?”

Bai Xiang Ru looks at him sadly.  “Master, why are you saying it like that. I am already of not virgin body, how can I marry another”

In another words, you have already slept me, now you want to push me to another men? Too late!

Seeing that Ji Wu Jiu was turned speechless by her, she continued “I know that your majesty and the empress are deeply in love, and the empress is just not comfortable with me around, thinking that I am bothering you guys. If so, why don’t I just avoid her everytime I see her, and I would not bother the both you, is that alright?”

Her speech makes her sound like a lovelorn bird, and are willing to sacrifice for him, and is only hoping for a little bit of concern from him.

To be dense in the matters of love, does have some good points, Ji Wu Jiu is someone who does not react much to the soft words of women, and has always been a rational person, and matters that will change his emotion are very rare. He just felt a little guilty towards Bai Xiang Ru, and wanted to repay her, so he treated her a little bit better that is all. Furthermore, her father was Bai Jian Cheng, how can Ji Wu Jiu not have some sort of guard against her.

Therefore no matter how much she was crying or acting pitiful, he also showed no reaction, and listening to what she just said,  he didn’t give her any more face and straightforwardly replied, “Although you will not meet her, but meeting me everyday is not good too”

Bai Xiang Ru almost burst to death. Towards her understanding of Ji Wu Jiu, although he was a very mysterious person but he definitely wasn’t a caring and gentle person, but for matters towards the empress he is so caring to such extent making others feel jealous. Although with deep hatred in her heart, her face tells otherwise, and continue crying “I only have one hope of staying by your majesty’s side, although I can’t see you I would still hope to be near you, I hope your majesty will allow”

This time, she is going for the I will stand back and sacrifice route. Ji Wu Jiu looked down on the person kneeling, without any emotions he agreed.


Following Ye Zhen Zhen’s suggestion, he granted the title of Mei Ren to Bai Xiang Ru. Mei Ren is ranked 5th, and for Bai Xiang Ru, this rank is neither too high or too low. Ye Zhen Zhen purposely allocate her at Ba Jiao Hall, this place was located at the southeast corner of the palace, even if Ji Wu Jiu were to take a stroll it will never reach there.

After the empress dowager found out about this matter, even if she was not happy, but there was nothing that she can say. The empress done it all in the right order, and she can’t find any fault in it.

After a few days, Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen was getting ready to head southwards, and in order to avoid any mishaps happening in the palace, Ji Wu  Jiu purposely wrote an edict to announce that Zhuang Concubine will be the one in charge of the inner palace while the empress was gone.

And because they were on a plain clothes trip, and  Ji Wu Jiu purposely gave Ye Zhen Zhen a secret letter to as to avoid any problems in the future.

The both of them traveled from the capital to Jinling, while playing along the way, enjoying the scenery and trying the local foods, so they don’t really feel tired.

Ever since Ji Wu Jiu was the emperor, he has managed the country well, therefore the area here is peaceful and clam. On route he will occasionally ask the citizens a few question, where are they from, how are they living, are their local minister treating them well, and how they think of the emperor….

The citizens normally answers honestly as they are currently living in a harmonious pace. When the emperor is mentioned, it was full of praises, but the only thing that they were unhappy was that the emperor once visited the local brothels. Naturally he was a man, so to make this type of mistake was understandable, the emperor also made an official apology so they thought he should be given a chance.

Ji Wu Jiu was also shocked on how powerful the story of the Celestial Maiden was,…

That is correct, because he got married to the “Celestial Maiden”, who would even bother to keep pin pointing on the fact that the emperor visited the brothel before.

Therefore, when Ji Wu Jiu found out that all the citizens were praising the empress, he also didn’t feel that it was weird.

Zhen Zhen’s popularity is way higher than his, as a man, as a husband Ji Wu Jiu more or less felt in a lost. But no matter, no matter how legendary the celestial maiden is, when the night falls, she would still be under him. Ji Wu Jiu thought pervertly.


Original Author’s Note: The enemy is high in perserverance, Xiang Ru will not be easily turned to bubbles, she would still have scenes at the back

Hmm.. another one will appear soon…



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  2. Ji Wu Jiu was also shocked on how powerful the story of the Celestial Maiden was,…

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