Chapter 89

That night, once again Ye Zhen Zhen did not know where she was brought to. All she know was that she was in a small wooden house in the mountain. Dinner was the wild catches, it could be considered quite a feast. Suddenly Ye Zhen Zhen thought of the term “Last Meal” and felt that her appetite was lost.

After dinner, she was dragged out by Ji Li You. Outside the sky was full of stars.

The trees were thick here, making it slightly dark. Wind blows through this dark night on the trees making sounds non stop. The night wind brought along chills, counting on the days, it seems like autumn is coming.

Ye Zhen Zhen was a little bit dampened. These days all her plans to kill Ji Li You was not successful, who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Ji Li You suddenly said, “You only think about how he is still alive, but you have merely been lost for 20 days but he already has a new lover? I thought you guys have a loving relationship, it seems like it is just so so”.

Ye Zhen Zhen replied lazily, “the so called new lover you mention, is it a doggy or a myna?”

“Bai Xiang Ru”

“Ji Li You, there is no use trying to wedge between us”

“In half a month, her rank has been raising up quickly, she is now Gui Fei (Imperial Consort), taking care of the inner palace, do you believe?”

Ye Zhen Zhen closes her eyes and did not reply. If there was something wrong with Bai Jian Cheng, then definitely his daughter is problematic too. She is well aware of Ji Wu Jiu’s personality, even if there is nothing wrong he will be cautious towards anyone, not to mention Bai Xiang Ru who is related to treason. If what Ji Li You said was true, then he must have a reason to act this way. Furthermore, Bai Xiang Ru’s background is not high, and have a shameful past, not to mention having spend some time at the messy Liao Dong. With this type of background even if she is heavily doted upon, there was no way she can climb up the hierarchy this fast.

“I know what are you thinking about” Ji Li You stops her line of thoughts. “But have you thought about how even if Bai Xiang Ru was from my side, but until now she has not taken any actions to conspire with me and left me alone here?”

“Because you are ugly?”

Ji Li You didn’t get angry, but laughed “You know of the reason”

True, the reason was very obvious, this woman has no loyalty. Surely by now she has abandoned Ji Li You and surrendered. But in order to do so, she must not only abandon Ji Li You, she also have to betray her father and their cronies.

As the main person who started the treason, Bai Jian Cheng does not have the chance to surrender, because all emperors gives zero tolerance to treason issues. Even if he choses to surrender, he will still die.

It’s also good like this, Ji Wu Jiu can save some energy.
That is why Bai Xiang Ru can raise up in ranks so fast, and to be the leader of the inner palace. Furthermore there is no empress in the palace and not to mention she is on the same side as the empress dowager.

All this though, is not the main point, the most important thing that Ye Zhen Zhen was worried about, is what else did Ji Wu Jiu give to Bai Xiang Ru as a reward besides the ranking….? Will there be anything else? He won’t sell his body again right……..


Any women who dares to snatch my man away, definitely must be kill!

Even if he wants to buy her over, he didn’t have to give her the imperial consort title, wasn’t a “Pin” (2 ranks below imperial consort) title enough!

Ji Li You saw how Ye Zhen Zhen’s facial expression was changing from disgust to relevation, he thought that his words was successful, so he said “You are so loyal towards him, but I doubt that it is worth it”

“Whether or not if it’s worth it, does not come from you. Furthermore at this point, whats the use of saying all these?”

Ji Li You laughed bitterly, “I know you might not believe this, but… eventhough I have countless headcounts on my hands, but I have never have the heart to hurt you”

Ye Zhen Zhen snorted, “Really? It seems that the person who attempted to rape me that day was a pig”

Towards her sneers Ji Li You has already trained himself to have no change in expression, he says “If I really wanted to harm you since day 1, do you think you would still be alive and jumping now?”

“So, does this mean that I have to say Thank you to you now, for not killing me?”

He sighed, “Do you really not understand, or are you pretending to not understand?”

Ye Zhen Zhen rolled her eyes, “Isn’t all this just to persuade me? Do you really think that I am stupid? I tell you, don’t……”

Her mouth was suddenly blocked. His attack was too sudden, opening her eyes wide, Ye Zhen Zhen did not managed to react immediately, when she finally managed to react, he has already released her while licking his lips.

“Do you understand now?” He smiled, his eyes like a far away night view, with shining lights.

Ye Zhen Zhen was rubbing her lips violently while only leaving him with a comment to break his heart. “Disgusting!”

Ji Li You felt abit heart broken, but very quickly he got over it and said “I know you hate me, but it is okay, as long as you are by my side, you will fall for me. If one day is not enough then 2, if one year is not enough then 10 years. I can wait”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him cautiously, “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, I will let Ji Wu Jiu choose between the Nation and the lady. I can let Ji Wu Jiu choose first, and I will take what ever he didn’t. Which option, do you think he would chose?”

“There is something wrong with your line of thoughts,” Ye Zhen Zhen says while moving her hands around, “The nation belongs to Ji Wu Jiu, and Ji Wu Jiu belongs to me, do you understand? So Ji Wu Jiu will choose the nation and I will choose Ji Wu Jiu. You should just return to where you came from!”

“Zhen mei mei, must you anger me to death?”

If I really can anger you to death, that would be great, Ye Zhen Zhen thought in her heart.

Ji Li You was quiet for a while, angry. After a while though, he thought there was no need. He says “Either way, you understood my intentions. Believe me, no matter what I do tomorrow, you will not be harmed”

“Then what about Ji Wu Jiu, I thought you will give him the chance to choose? Does that mean that you would not kill him? Why don’t you remove the explosives on the mountain? Ye Zhen Zhen said in a discussing manner.

“If I can kill him, that would be best, if he doesn’t die, how will your love for him end?”

“So whatever you said earlier was just nonsense!” Ye Zhen Zhen stood up angrily, and without thinking kicked him on his shin. Ji Li You dodged and she missed, and unfortunately she ended up falling into his arms.

Ji Li You looked at her with a smile.

Ye Zhen Zhen angrily climbed up and went back into the house. The whole night she was sleepless, as long as she closes her eyes, she can see how Ji Wu Jiu was exploded into pieces. Later on while nearly asleep she thought it was lucky that what Ji Li You buried was a dynamite and not a mine.

Capital City, Yang Xin Hall.

On the emperor’s study desk, there was a letter, written by Li You, besides the name there was a fingerprint, in bright red and clear prints.

Right hand, pointing finger, slender finger. He has kissed this finger with much focus before, and was well aware who’s did it belong to.

Zhen Zhen is indeed on his hands.

When Ji Wu Jiu heard of this news, his first reaction was relieved. At least she was alive.

That day when the both of them were separated in the flash flood, Ji Wu Jiu fell into the water and followed the current through without struggling and was soon after rescued by the secret guard’s boat.

After that, he immediately called out to people to look for Ye Zhen Zhen, while rushing back to the capital.

When a country has no leader, it would make a great opportunity for those ill hearted to start a treason. Though even if he is back at the capital, his heart was left at the place they were separated.

However there was no news about Ye Zhen Zhen at all. Many people thought that she is a goner, but Ji Wu Jiu did not believe. He could not accept this outcome.

After much investigation, it was confirmed that the dam was destroyed by man. Ji Wu Jiu knew that this matter is definitely linked to Ji Li You. Adding on that there was no news from Ye Zhen Zhen, he believes that she must have been kidnapped by Ji Li You.

This is the only reason why he couldn’t find her even though she is still alive.

Indeed his Zhen Zhen is still alive.

In order to force out Ji Li You, these days Ji Wu Jiu has been closing on to his activity area and was not afraid to let Ji Li You know. Even though Zhen Zhen was being held hostage, according to all the news and info, she will definitely find out that he was still alive. On the other hand, Bai Jian Cheng was captured and placed into the prison, and being interrogated harshly. At this point, Ji Wu Jiu didn’t bother with how much information can be obtained from Bai Jian Cheng, his accomplices also would not dare to come forward; even if there are any actions it will be a faster way for him to catch them.

As expected Bai Jian Cheng did not leak out any information, but what was not expected was that Bai Xiang Ru confessed to everything…..

However, she has a condition, and her condition was not easy to meet; She wants to be the empress.

Ji Wu Jiu told her in a very sad manner: “Zhen Zhen was carried away by the flood, I want to leave this title for her.”

There was nothing wrong with each of the words in that sentence, but in the ears of Bai Xiang Ru, she understood it as, “The empress has died, this position will be left emptied”, she also added a little of her own understanding: The empress died of accident, this type of death causes harder reincarnation, who know’s if her soul will come back to sit on the position…….

Therefore, imperial consort was not too bad, there was no need for her to fight with a dead person. Furthermore the position was actually not her final goal. All along what she wanted was just the love of the emperor solely, like last time.

Title was just something to hold on to, with a higher title, there would be no one in the palace that would bully her.

Her thoughts was very complete after entering the inner palace.

But Ji Wu Jiu’s thoughts were even more so.

This woman, Bai Xiang Ru… if she wanted to be a imperial consort, then be one, why on earth is she molesting, ah.. no.. seducing him. Ji Wu Jiu was well trained by Ye Zhen Zhen, when faced with other women, his first reaction would be to think about how would Ye Zhen Zhen react. Not to mention, the life or death of Ye Zhen Zhen was still unknown, he definitely has no mood to deal with any woman’s seduction.

But it can’t continue on like this, as a man, in a women filled inner palace, all of them also wants to seduce him. What if….. if he were to accidentally fall into any trap, Zhen Zhen will definitely slaughter him .

At the end, after much thought, in order to protect his innocence, Ji Wu Jiu has no choice but to take risks.

That night, Imperial Doctor Tie received a very mysterious and unheard mission. He did not dare to tell anyone, and with a stomach full of curiousity, he made a bottle of pills and passed it to Ji Wu Jiu and told him: One pill each time, one pill is sufficient for one day. There are no side effects, once you stop eating the pill, the effect will be gone.

Ji Wu Jiu holds on to that little pill, and can’t help but to contemplate on life. All this time, it has only been heard that man look for medicines to help boost their sex life, and never before heard that there would be a man that would use these.

He really wanted to make a memorial tablet for himself……..


Chapter 88

Ye Zhen Zhen eye’s opened.

It was as though the white scene previously appeared infront of her again.

Ji Wu Jiu died.. Ji Wu Jiu.. died…..Ji Wu Jiu is dead….

Ye Zhen Zhen curls her body up and starts whimpering in her own chest. It was as though as her whole world collapsed. Recently what have kept her sanity was always the news of his life or death. Suddenly, the news confirming in front of her, made her feel like she is all alone, and no longer wanting to live in this world.

No, Cannot. She must live on, to revenge for him. She must kill Ji Li You with her own hands.

Ye Zhen Zhen dries off her tears, sat up, and decided to first figure out where she was currently. The room was quite small, with small windows, wooded floor, and sounds of flowing water could be heard coming in from outside.

Also, the whole world seems to be shaking?

Ye Zhen Zhen thought she was just feeling dizzy, but it seems that the shaking seems to have some sort of rhythm. Holding on to her forehead, she tries to stand up, but just when her feet touched the floor the world shook again, causing her to almost fall down. Luckily she managed to hold on to the table.

Ye Zhen Zhen walked out and what she saw was a lot of endless water.

Apparently she was on a boat. But.. “is this a river, why can’t i see the banks” She murmured to herself.

“This is the sea” Ji Li You walked over, and answered. Stopping next to her, and looked towards the sea. “You never see the sea before?”

Ye Zhen Zhen clenches her fist, while hatred grows in her eyes.

How should she kill him?

Ji Li You looked back at her and saw her hatred filled eyes. Unhappy he frowned, “Don’t be stupid, you won’t be able to kill me”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t want to talk to him nor see him. She walked back into the room and lays down on the bed. She was thinking about numerous ways to kill Ji Li You.

It’s weird, why hasn’t Ji Li You kill her yet? Does he want to keep her here to humiliate her?? This made Ye Zhen Zhen feel disgusted.

Sea, the vast ocean. Previously she seen it from afar before, and Ji Wu Jiu promised her to bring her to the beach to play, and to visit the marine army as well.

Wait!, Wait.. sea?!

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly felt that something is not right. Although Da Qi has a smooth sea route, and has many business traders using them, but if Ji Li You wants to reach the Capital quick, using horse would definitely be faster, why did he choose ship?

Although if the winds are blowing at the right direction and speed, the ship would be quick too, but who can guarantee that the wind will blow everyday. Furthermore, the ship is definitely not as safe as using horse or carriage. Won’t he be afraid of any hurricane and drown him down into the sea?

There is definitely something wrong.

Why did he choose to avoid the land route?

There is someone investigating, checking very thoroughly at that, until he has no choice but to make himself disappear from the radar.

Then, on who’s order was the investigation under? Was it the ministry?

There is very little people that were aware of Ji Li You’s existence, even less people would know that he was the cause of the flood. So, even if the ministry has the power, they would be investigating one another and totally ignore Ji Li You.

Furthermore, if they knew of Ji Li You’s identity, putting him together with Tan Ji, it is more obvious that Ji Li You is more suitable to take over the throne. Now the leader of he ministers is Fang Xiu Qing, and Fang Xiu Qing hates Tan Ji, therefore if there was a choice, he would definitely choose Ji Li You, so why would he investigate him?

That is why, this order must have been made by Ji Wu Jiu! Ji Wu Jiu is still alive!

She was so happy that she jumped up from the bed, and accidently bumped her head on to the ceiling, and with a “dong” she was forced to lay back down on the bed.

Sitting on the bed, rubbing her forehead while making sure there was nothing wrong with her way of thoughts just now. It made total sense!

But something is still not right, those white clothes, royal mourn, what was that for? She saw it with her own eyes, there is no way Ji Li You has the power to bribe so many people. There is no way he could do such things so outrightly, there is still the local ministers guarding the area after all.

Previously, she appeared at that place out of nowhere, most probably she was drugged before being brought over there. Even so, if Ji Li You wanted her to see the national mourn, he could have just brought her to a nearby town, why bother bringing her there in such a fashion?

There is could only be one reason, the place that they were at did not have a mourn, but that place has.


Closing her eyes, she tries to think back on what she saw the other day on the top of the horse carriage. Besides white everywhere, the location of the place seems to be lower than the rest of the surrounding locations.

If a flood was met, then this type of place would definitely be inflicted. The people who died here would definitely be alot. Most probably each household there might be someone who passed away.

Which means, there is no such thing as a national mourn, it was white everywhere over there because many people was killed!

This answers all the questions. Ye Zhen Zhen was excited, she felt that all the veins in her body was jumping around, and her heart shaking non stop.

Ji Wu Jiu was still alived, not only was he alive but he was trying his best to tell the world that he was alive, to let her know that he was still alive. If not, if he pretended to be dead, and wait for Ji Li You to show up on his own would have been the best choice.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes tears up, this silly guy, just to let her know that he was alive, he missed out on such a good opportunity.

No matter what, being alive is good enough, being alive means there is still a chance. Furthermore, Ji Li You is still rushing towards the capital on his own accord.

Laying back on the bed, she grabs the covers over her head and laughed. Most probably she laughed till she was out of breath, or perhaps the shaking of the ship made her feel nauseous, she couldn’t take it anymore and walked out shakily to vomit.

It was a horrible vomiting fit, till she completely lost her energy and even her gastric juice came out. She lay on to the deck to feel better from the blowing wind.

Ji Li You walked over, and passes her a cup of tea, and said, “First time travelling in the sea is like that, I had it worst than you last time”

Ye Zhen Zhen took the tea, drank it and passed it back to him. As a well educated noble lady, she said “thanks”

Putting down the tea cup, he passes her a peeled tangerine. The tangerine was sweet and sour, Ye Zhen Zhen slowly ate all of it, then only she felt better.

When she regained her energy, she stood up and went back towards her room. Never speaking a word to Ji Li You.

Sitting down, Ji Li You looked towards the sea and laughed bitterly.

The following days for Ye Zhen Zhen was horrible. She didn’t know that being seasick would be this bad. Indeed river boats and sea ships cannot be compared.

Although she gets a little sickish feeling while on a river boat, she has never felt this bad in her stomach, and could still eat and drink. But on this ship, no matter how much she ate, it call came back out. As long as there was something in her stomach, it would just come back out, and when her stomach is finally empty, she would still have to eat things back. Although she has no appetite, but not eating is not good for health, she didn’t want to kill herself after knowing that Ji Wu Jiu is still alive.

Hence Ye Zhen Zhen ends up at a stage where she eats, she vomits, she continues to eat and vomit life.

The only thing that could make her feel better was the tangerine that Ji Li You give her. From one a day, she evolved to eating 8 a day, seeing this made Ji Li You scared. Afraid that something might happen to her for eating too much tangerine, he only gives her 8 maximum per day.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt that it was definitely the tangerine’s help that she was still alive.

She vomited all the way to TianJin, where she can finally step on land. Ye Zhen Zhen was helped down the ship, she no longer has any energy to walk.

Ji Li You helped her up the horse carriage. Helped her and himself to change their appearance. Ye Zhen Zhen was turned into a old lady, and Ji Li You added a beard out of nowhere.

However, Ye Zhen Zhen knows that they would not head to the capital. Because Ji Wu Jiu was still alive, he will be sitting on the throne safely therefore the capital still was his territory. Even if Ji Wu Jiu opens his door to welcome this cousin brother of his, Ji Li You would still not go there without a plan.

As expected, they headed towards northwest direction for a day and stopped at Fang Shan. Ye Zhen Zhen was asleep through the day, and when she woke up the next day she felt a little dizzy, most probably the after effects of the seasickness. After breakfast she vomited another round, and after that she ate a tangerine to feel better.

Ji Li You brought her up towards Bai Hua Mountain, and got his followers to go buy some things.

Ye Zhen Zhen can’t helped but say, “You want to bury yourself here? Haven’t die already thinking about your afterlife, such forward thinking”

Ji Li You laughed.. “As long as he dares to come up, I will definitely make sure he would not be able to go down. “. “I mentioned this before, no matter the world or you, I want both”

What to do? What to do? Ye Zhen Zhen starts to ponders in her in circle, how will she be able to stop Ji Wu Jiu from coming up?

Ji Li You then asks, “since when did you realize that he was still alive?”

Ye Zhen Zhen rolls her eyes, “from the time you started to plan all this”

Ji Li You’s face darkens.

She added “Can you make it stand up now? Aiya.. looking at you, I highly doubt so.” She purposely said loudly, there were others around here, they would have definitely have heard it.

They were Ji Li You’s right handed men, and knew about Ji Wu Jiu’s problem, and now even Ji Li You was also facing this type of problem, it can’t be helped that they all sighed in their heart: no wonder the royal family has so few children, they all have this type of hereditary sickness……

“You just wait, you will definitely cry and beg me later” Ji Li You laughed.

Ye Zhen Zhen was surely not afraid of this threatening skill. She was only afraid that Ji Wu Jiu will fall into his trap. He just barely lived on from the flood, please don’t let him lose it here.

Ji Wu Jiu, didn’t you say that I was your lucky star, hopefully this time I could still bring you luck. Ye Zhen Zhen started praying to all the gods, from east to west, not even letting Mother Mary go……..

Chapter 87

This person pays no heed to what’s right or wrong, and only does things according to his likes, as long as it is something that he wants he will do what ever it takes to get it. Towards the throne, he has a scary determination. Actually, Ye Zhen Zhen roughly understands his thinking, the throne was something that was snatched over from his dad. Therefore, it could be understood that Ji Li You’s chance to ascend the throne has been snatched away. He surely would not be able to accept this fact, and will make him want to take back what was originally his. If all he is thinking about is this matter, then most probably he is capable of doing all sorts of things to achieve it.

Not to mention, this person grew up in a broken family, and in hatred. One can only imagine how he has turned out to be.

Before the flood, Ye Zhen Zhen initially thought he was pitiful, after all he was just an innocent little kid when those things happen last time. But now, she only felt that he is a hateful person. No matter how much one is hurt previously, the anger should not be released onto the innocent. Not to mention, that many people….

Really despicable….unforgiveable..

After the arguement that day, Ye Zhen Zhen is no longer allowed to even take a walk in the gardens. Previously she was still allowed to linger in the gardens if someone was following her.

Tonight, after taking a bath Ye Zhen Zhen was day dreaming at the table. Counting the days, no matter what happened to Ji Wu Jiu, news should have been spread out by now. Just because Ji Li You did not kill her, doesn’t mean that Ji Wu Jiu is still alive. It seems that he has other plans for her…

Thinking about this made Ye Zhen Zhen feel disgusted.

A while after, Ji Li You arrived. Late at night, visiting a lady’s room, he really does not place importance into etiquette.. thought Ye Zhen Zhen.

This person seems to be in a good mood, Ye Zhen Zhen started to feel nervous.

“Tomorrow we will depart”. He said

“Depart? To where?” Ye Zhen Zhen asks.

“Naturally, we will be heading to the capital, to take back what originally belongs to me”. He smiles.

However, this sentence alone was not enough to determine whether Ji Wu Jiu is alive or dead. Ye Zhen Zhen consoles herself, deciding that no news is still the best news. Sighing she says, “You only seem to know the pro’s of being the emperor, and are not aware of the hardships of being one”. Ji Wu Jiu’s entertainment life in the palace was truly lacking. All he does everyday is to deal with his documents in Yang Xin Hall, thinking about the worldly matters, living a really dull life, even Ye Zhen Zhen has always sighed about how tough an emperor’s duties were.

Ji Li You though says, “If being the emperor was so tough, then why didn’t he pass it to me?”

Ye Zhen Zhen answers “To be honest, although you have royal blood in you, I don’t think you are suitable to be an emperor”

“Oh?, how so?” He asks, interested…

“You blasted the river without blinking an eye, causing so much harm and damage and yet you are not feeling guilty at all, this indicates that you are heartless. You have yet to be the emperor, but have already killed so many people. If one day you are to obtain the nation, who knows how many more innocent people would you harm. As an emperor, it is ok to be a bit harsher on the ministers, but towards the common citizens, one must be lenient and kind. This part alone, even a hundred you cannot be matched to one Ji Wu Jiu.” Ye Zhen Zhen said without mercy.

Originally, Ji Li You was laughing happily while listening to her speak, but that last sentence made his face changed. Touching his chin, staring straight at Ye Zhen Zhen, smiling coldly, “Even if I am lacking in 100 things in comparison to him, at least there is one thing I am better”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked down, ignoring him.

He suddenly reduce the distance, and lowering his voice, “I am better than him in bed, do you believe me?”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him with disgust.

However he laughed “You don’t have to look at me like that, most probably most men is better than him in this matter. Actually as a man, to be strong in this matter would be sufficient, don’t you think so?”

Suddenly, Ye Zhen Zhen stood up, looked at him coldly, and pointed towards the door, “Get lost”

He stood up, though not moving a step, “What’s wrong? Did I rub salt to the wound? Let me guess, since when did he become a disabled? You have never experienced the intimacy between man and woman right? Or have you tried it but after that you were not able to forget about it, and yet unable to use it?” Looking at how Ye Zhen Zhen’s face turned red from his words somehow made him feel very excited.

“No matter how good he is as a person, but he cannot even be considered as a man. Will you be satisfied?” Ye Zhen Zhen grabbed the cup on the table and threw it at him, shouting “Get Out!”

Moving his head slightly, Ji Li You avoided the cup, he suddenly grabbed on to Ye Zhen Zhen’s wrist and pulled her towards him, “Are you embarrassed already?”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s lips can’t help but quiver from anger. She was trying her best to free herself, but he suddenly grabbed her waist and forced a harsh kiss on her.

Ye Zhen Zhen gave him a big bite, in pain he retreated.

Ji Li You’s gaze on her has changed, change to madness and scorching. He originally only wanted to tease her, but who knew it turned out like this. In his mind now, a crazy thought is overtaking his mind.

He must get her, definitely must get her…..

Ji Li You was not afraid that Ye Zhen Zhen will hate him, she already hates him, what is there to be afraid of?

Suddenly Ye Zhen Zhen was already being carried towards the bed.

Ye Zhen Zhen already know what he plans to do by now. Using all her strength to kick him, “Scoundrel, Animal!! Get Lost!”

Ji Li You places her on the bed, and moves towards her. Kissing her once again, holding on to her jaw to avoid her from biting him, while he does as he please with her mouth. Slowly his lips was moving downwards, while removing her clothes.

Although Ye Zhen Zhen’s hand was trying to struggle, she was actually moving towards a pill in the corner of the bed.

That’s right, it was the pill that she bought in Jinling. Because the northern part was very humid, the herbal shop owner purposely covered the pills with something to fight the humidity. That time, the boss gave a hundred percent guarantee that the pill will only be activated once it touches the human’s gastric juice. That day, although the bottle was filled with water. Ye Zhen Zhen has already dry them up and places them in multiple locations in her room, as well as on her body.

Now, the most convenient location to get the pill was on the bed.

Ye Zhen Zhen took two pills and places it in her mouth while he was not looking, and then suddenly pushed him down and kissed him like crazy.

Ji Li You was in a lust mode, so his hands were not as tight therefore she managed to do it. Being kissed by Ye Zhen Zhen made his brain malfunctioned abit and lust has taken over.

Holding onto her head, and accepting her kisses, opening his mouth to accept her tongue in. His eyes were closed, eye lashes fluttering non stop like a butterfly. Although he was in the midst of darkness, it was as though as there was a fire burning in his head. Kissing her, Ji Li You was not sure whether what he was feeling was sweetness or sourness.

Ye Zhen Zhen slowly transfer the pill into his mouth, while holding on to his jaw, to ensure the pill can slid down the throat easier. This action seems to be like she was in a hurry, making Ji Li You’s soul float around, holding tighter on to her waist, his hand caressing her body slowly.

Ignoring the discomfort throughout her body, Ye Zhen Zhen tried her best to move the pills towards his throat.

Ji Li You’s throat tightened suddenly, and the pill has successfully slid in. By the time he realises it, it was already too late. He pushes Ye Zhen Zhen away, trying to get the pill out, he shouted ” What did you feed me!!?”

“Poison”. Tidying up her clothes while harshly rubbing her lips.

Ji Li You quickly tried to puke manually, but because he did not eat much for dinner previously, there was nothing coming out. He finally gave up, and looked at her “If I were to die, you would definitely accompany me”

Ye Zhen Zhen laughed, “Don’t worry, you won’t die yet. But I will personally kill you in the future”

“What is it?!”

“Oh, it is a type of medicine that will help calm your body, I heard the effects of the medicine is quite fast, it should be functioning by now?” While saying, she gazes upon his lower half. The little tent from earlier, is shrinking..

“You!!!” Ji Li You looked at her with anger, and decided to attack her once again.

Ye Zhen Zhen raised her finger and waved it, “Don’t act abruptly, although you may still be able now, but in half an incense time you will be disabled. If you don’t believe me, then just wait.”

Ji Li You, couldn’t make up his mind. Men, are always concerned about their bed capabilities. It would definitely be a let down, if he let it out too soon earlier. However, it would be worst if he was not able to complete it after he started it….

There wasn’t much time for Ji Li You to ponder about this matter, because his little brother was not able to stand up already.

“…….” Such disgrace!!! Such disgrace!!!

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled “Looks like from this matter, he is stronger than you a hundred times as well”


Making Ji Li You angry has its downside. The next day, when Ye Zhen Zhen woke up, she realizes that she is already in the horse carriage.

Ji Li You was also in the carriage with his eyes closed, unsure whether he was awake or asleep.

The horse carriage was moving slowly, a little curious, Ye Zhen Zhen wanted to raise up the curtain to look outside, just as she was moving her hands, Ji Li You’s voice was heard “You better be prepared before you see”

Ye Zhen Zhen ignored him, and raised up the curtain.

What she saw was a flash of white, almost like it was covered in snow. Every house was wrapped in white clothes, there was even some on trees. At the corner of the street, there was a white flag flowing along with the wind.

“This is…..” Ye Zhen Zhen did not want to believe her eyes

“I told you earlier, this is the national mourn.” Ji Li You opened his eyes and answered, his tone carrying happiness.

“I don’t believe, it must have been you making them fake it to bluff me”

Ji Li You laughed coldly, “If you dont believe me, then stand on top of the mountain, and see if I have the ability to bribe so many people”

Upon hearing this, she got out from the carriage and climbed ontop of the carriage. Standing on top of the roof, the sight of endless white was shown. She felt her whole body’s energy was sucked out, her sight turning black, she fainted.


Who is with me in stabbing that idiot Ji Li You!!!???


Chapter 86

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When Ye Zhen Zhen woke up, along with the log, she has drifted atop the river bank. The river water was gently passing by, under the shadows of the sunset peaceful and tranquil, as though as the massive flood and rapid waters was nothing but a mere dream.

However, the surrounding mess, and smell in the air has broken the peace and tranquil.

Ye Zhen Zhen raised her head up with much effort, wanting to look around her. With the sun across the river slowly getting swallowed by the earth, dyeing the horizon a bloody red colour.

That bright colour is too harsh on the eyes, until her eyes turned moist, and heart in pain. The red is slowly being covered by a shadow. A person, in full white, and long torso, and face blurred by the back light shining upon him, and was only left with a pair of bright eyes looking at her. Due to the overly bright sun earlier, Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes were still blurrish, and in the midst she can’t help but think that it was him.

“Ji Wu Jiu….” she can’t help but called out, however her body was still weak, hence it sounded more like a murmur.

He crouched down and helps Ye Zhen Zhen to tidy her messy hair, and cleans her muddy face. In a gentle voice, he calls out “Brother Zhen, do you still recognize me?”

Ye Zhen Zhen closes her eyes shut, trying her best to stop her tears, “How can I not know you, Li You”. The person Ji Wu Jiu wanted so much to capture.

Ji Li You, helped to release her from the log and carried her up, “let’s go, let me first bring you to rest”

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded. She didn’t reject him. Ji Li You, already knows who she is, he definitely is well prepared, and are not here out of coincidence. Even if she rejects his offer, it might not be of use. She can only act docile and later try to escape.

But, although he knows who she is, he doesn’t know that she is already aware of his identity. So she is willing to keep pretending.

In order to act thoroughly, Ye Zhen Zhen purposely asks “how come, you are here?”

“I just happened to pass by, and saw you by the riverbank. I initially didn’y think it was you….Brother Zhen … can i call you Zhen meimei (term used for younger sister)?

“Up to you….”

Pursing his lips for abit, “Zhen meimei….. why are you in such a state, what happened?

Thinking back on how Ji Wu Jiu was so easily swallowed by the rapid waters, Ye Zhen Zhen can’t help but let her tears flow down.

“Okay, okay, I won’t ask anymore, don’t cry”. He consoles. Seeing how Zhen Zhen was crying so badly, he can’t help but frown, but it didn’t last long.

Ye Zhen Zhen rubs of her tears roughly, while sobbing “Li, Li.. You.. Thank you..”

“No need to worry about it”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked around and asks “Was the flood nearby fierce?”

Li You explains “It’s not, the river was originally here, when the flood met the river, it just joined and went towards the sea”

“Then where is this place?”

“This area belongs to the border of Binhai”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know where Binhai is, but listening to the name of the place, it sounds not too far from the sea. Though this time, she isn’t very sure how far she got washed away. Previously when she was floating in the rapid waters, there was something like a waterfall where she fainted and when she woke up, she has already ended up here.

Due to the large log, she was protected but she still ended up here, she couldn’t help but imagine what would have happened to Ji Wu Jiu, thinking about it makes her heart ache.

Ji Li You brought Ye Zhen Zhen to a house. The house is located in a corner of a small village, with brick rooftops, and a large tree in the midst of the garden. The house looks like it belongs to a normal farmers family.

Ye Zhen Zhen took a hot bath and changed into the clean clothes that Ji Li You brought her. After that she went to organize her belongings that was still on her, what was left is, a purse, a fan and a bottle of medicine. The purse is a pair with Ji Wu Jiu, the fan was given to her by him, and the medicine was used to scare him…..

Ye Zhen Zhen opened the fan, the fan itself was made from silk, so it was not damaged amidst the floods, but the drawings and words on the fan has been blurred. Touching the surface of the fan, she thought about how she used to chase to hit him with the fan, and how he smiles and avoids her attacks, her heart felt like it was being hammered.

No, he can’t die, he definitely won’t die. He is the chosen one by the gods to be the the Son of God, he won’t die so easily. He is someone who can achieve anything, he can he die.

Ye Zhen Zhen places the fan back, and promises to find him.

But the first thing she has to do now, is to figure out how to leave this place.

Ye Zhen Zhen walks out of the room confidently, and as expected the moment her feet left the room, someone approached her from not too far away asking if she needs anything. She simply made a reason and returned back to the room under the watchful eye.

She is being imprisoned, god knows how many pairs of eyes are on her at this moment. Sitting infront of the table, Ye Zhen Zhen uses her pointing finger to knock her forehead, forcing herself to calm down to think.

With such a bad floor earlier, no matter if its her or Ji Li You, they wouldn’t know the actual situation with Ji Wi Jiu now. That is why Ji Li You is hiding here and not acting. The first party to know of Ji Wu Jiu’s condition would be the government.

Ji Wu Jiu is the emperor, if the emperor passed away, the whole nation would be aware. Ye Zhen Zhen counted in her heart… if, if Ji Wu Jiu..really…. then either days or weeks, they will be aware of it.

But since she is being imprisoned now, how would she be able to receive news from the outside?

Or what if, Ji Li You purposely pass her fake news?

Thinking about Ji Li You, this person whom is the cousin of the Emperor. If anything were to happen to Ji Wu Jiu, then he will be the next in line to the throne. So if she is still being kept alive by Ji Li You, it means Ji Wu Jiu could still be alive, as she is still of some use to threaten Ji Wu Jiu. However if Ji Wu Jiu were not to be around anymore, she would definitely be killed.

In summary, Ye Zhen Zhen came out with two actions. Number 1, she must not believe a single word by Ji Li You and the people here. Number 2, To constantly keep track of Ji Li You’s action and behavior, while taking any chances to escape from this place.

Then, Ji Li You brought in her meal.

Ye Zhen Zhen opened the door and allowed him in. Seeing that her eyes is red again, he knew that she just cried, so he consoled her again. Although Ye Zhen Zhen thanked his actions again, in her heart she was cursing him.

Looking at how Ye Zhen Zhen was thinking about that person, Ji Li You’s heart was not comfortable.

Both of them stayed in the house for a few days, in between Ye Zhen Zhen did try to escape, but it didn’t work. Ji Li You would drop by everyday to visit and to chat with her, professionally acting out a true caring friend. Ye Zhen Zhen on the other hand was not as good of an actor. Initially when Ji Li You spoke to her, her curses will be in her heart, but one time, she accidently showed it on her face.

Ji Li You’s face frozed a little.

Ye Zhen Zhen got abit guilty, and restless, “I am quite sleepy, I want to rest earlier. Brother Li, thank you for everything. I am feeling much better”

“It is time for you to get better” Standing up and looking down towards her, “When I become the Emperor, you would still be the Empress, there is nothing bad about this, you don’t have to worry”

Ye Zhen Zhen looked up, looking at him shocked.

He started to laugh, the laughter sounded like the ghost catchers from the ghost stories. Looking down again, her eyeballs kept rolling thinking about how to reply him.

While laughing Ji Li You said” You already know about it earlier, and yet you troubled yourself to pretend that you didn’t know for so many days, my Zhen Zhen mei mei.”

Great, she didn’t have to pretend anymore. Ye Zhen Zhen took a deep breath and looked at him “He won’t die”

“Really, but i heard that his corpse was found, now the entire nation is preparing to mourn,” his laughter getting worst “Why don’t I do you a favour and let you mourn for your previous husband for a few days?”

Calm down, Calm down, Ye Zhen Zhen clenching her fingers, she knew she shouldn’t believe him. Closing her eyes, “There is one thing, that I still don’t understand, there wasn’t any rain that day, how did that flood happen?” Furthermore, I have never experienced this before but how did the flood feel like earth quake? Pondering about it, I can’t help but think that it could be man made, maybe somemore bombed the river bed. What do you think?”

Laughing out loud, he knocked her head gently with a fan handle “Clever”

Ye Zhen Zhen felt her whole body turned cold. This person, in order to kill one person has made a flood. The lands nearby was a very fertile area, in another month or so the crops would be ready to harvest, but with this one explosion he damaged thousands of crops, wasting the effort of all the farmers that worked hard for the past half year. Not to mention that this flood would have caused alot of unnecessary deaths of innocent people.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s teeth was also starting to shiver. She stood up, and walks towards Ji Li You, with a calm composure.

Ji Li You was also looking as her. He was attracted to her clear eyes. This pair of eyes, that represents everything he wants. Clean, straight forward, simple and happy. He grew up in a dark place, humid, cold and never meeting the sun. And she is like a blossoming flower, bright, passionate, and elegant. She is just capable of attracting others. No matter where you are, you will not be able to control youself to go towards her, get near her and to obtain her.


Ji Li You was stunned from the hit towards his head. Coming back to his senses he maintained his head that was being hit sideways, and looked towards Ye Zhen Zhen, his gaze finally turning cold.

“Animal!!” Ye Zhen Zhen scolded, “Do you know how many people have you just killed?!”

“I don’t know” he replied coldly, “I only know, what ever i want, i will get it”

Ye Zhen Zhen was shivering from anger. How can such a person exist! So cold blooded, immoral! Worst than an animal!

“You only know about how many people I have harmed, but do you know, my uncle, which is your so called Father-in-law, how many people did he harmed? Previously nobody has a place for me, why should I bother about them now? So called empire, is nothing but a nation build from a mountain of bodies”

Holding on to her face, he smiled suddenly.


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