First of my deepest apologies to everyone! I was super busy for the past year that i didn’t  even realise it is already October. I had a change in my job position, therefore the lack of posts. Also for being very evil to end my past post with a cliffhanger.

THANKFULLY has decided to continue the story! Last time i checked it was already chapter 89 over there! So those who didn’t know please do head over there to quench your thirst! After chapter 89 is continuing it. Not sure why heavenly enchantress is missing though… Link updated with an archived version of the heavenly enchantress page, should be able to read chapter 86-89 at that link. (25/6/2018)

As for this blog page, and story, I will keep remain it here especially for the new readers that can catch up on the first 86 chapters of this novel. Which they can then head over to heavenlyenchantress.

Also.. if in the future if i ever have the time.. I was actually planning to finish translating this story, and keep a version of it for myself too.. Though not sure if I will ever have the time to do.. but fingers crossed!

Lastly, thanks all for the encouraging messages and thoughts that you have left behind in the previous chapters so far. Much appreciated and Hope everything goes well for everyone too. I will still come back to check once in a while to approve comments XD.

And hopefully to have my own version of translation for this story! Till then ~~~ xoxo