Empress with No Virtue- Chapter 83

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Sweet scenes that are sorely missed at the end of chapter =X

This time around, Ye Zhen Zhen’s purpose of visiting Jiangsu has let her hunt down a demon beast, following the information provided by Chang Yu, she managed to catch a few other court officials to beat up, and each of them were accurately beaten up and they all fessed up in the end.

All those in the politics are those that values their lives the most, although they will say they are not afraid to die, but in actuality it is just that there are no strong enough threat to make them feel scared.

Ye Zhen Zhen is the empress, showing off the aura of the demon lord, without saying much, her whip will be the first to move, as long as they believe that she is the empress, even if that person whipped them to death, she will still not be placed into any trouble. A few of them lasted longer in hopes of help to arrive, just that the empress is too clever, having made sure nobody outside knew what was happening. The empress also said, if they happen to die, she will just chop them up into pieces and thrown into the river to feed the fishes. That time there will not be any proof, at most the court will only loose a worker, but they won’t even have a chance to reincarnate.

This type of uncontrollable and without reasoning personality of the empress successfully cornered them.

Ji Wu Jiu went through the confessions of these official in detail, and knew that the confessions have high similarities; most of their crimes resolves around corruption and making the citizens suffer, however all the money in the end was submitted to Jiangsu Bu Zheng Shi.

Bu Zhen Shi, is also known regional general of Jiang su, indeed if the top is not right, the bottom will follow.

This case involved many officials, and huge amounts of money, Ji Wu Jiu immediately ordered the finance and investigation officials from the capital to handle this matter. In hand, they already have the evidence, so the case would be easier to solve, however the problem now would be to find out where this large fund of money is.

However, the moment the officials from capital arrived, they received news that the Bu Zheng Shi, also known as Chai Zhi Tui committed suicide out of guilt.

Ji Wu Jiu ordered for Chai manor to be thoroughly searched, however there were no signs of large sums of money. Furthermore, according to the workers there the regional general is normally very frugal with his lifestyle.

Chai Zhi Tui, Chai Zhi Tui. Ji Wu Jiu was trying to recall the information he read before about the officials at Jiangsu, suddenly he recalled, that this Chai Zhi Tui, when he was younger, he once worked in the crown prince’s office.

This office was meant to only serve under the crown prince, but that time the crown prince wasn’t Ji Wu Jiu, but was his uncle, whom was removed of the title by the previous emperor! Who is also none other than Ji Li You’s father.

When Chai Zhi Tui was younger, he wasn’t very known, his position at the crown prince’s office was not very high either, not to mention there were so many people working in that office, so when Ji Wu Jiu saw it earlier, he didn’t pay too much attention.

But now, something fishy is truly happening.

Furthermore, after Bai Jian Cheng was banished to Liaodong, he departed to Jiangsu after. Ji Wu Jiu previously also felt something was wrong, this Bai Jian Cheng was a Fujian person why did he run all the way to Jiangsu, and climbed up the ladder there slowly, surely he was helped by someone, it was only after that, that he was supported by Ye Xiu Ming.

And as to why Chai Zhi Tui will support an official with crime, the answer is very clear.

Ji Li You has visited the Nu Zhen camp these few years, and surely he met Bai Jian Cheng at Liaodong, and has successfully enticed him to join his rebellious plot. Later when Bai Jian Cheng returned to the mainlands, Chai Zhi Tui, as one of the main person in the plot, started to grow Bai Jian Cheng, and sent him into the capital. Bai Jian Cheng managed to enter the capital thanks to his relationship as a student of Ye Xiu Ming.

Ji Li You, Chai Zhi Tui, Bai Jian Cheng. Besides them, who else can it be? According to Ye Xiu Ming’s depiction, Bai Jian Cheng was someone who is good at getting benefits from both sides, and quick at changing directions, surely there are some other people that he would have invited as well. Furthermore, Chai Zhi Tui was a big official in Jiangsu, for decades already, how many underlings does he have?

It was near impossible to know

Therefore, this case is actually divided to two. The corruption case was easy to solve, but the rebellious case is lacking too many information, so the best way is to stay maimed on the surface and to investigate quietly in the background.

So, Ji Wu Jiu ordered for the corrupted officials to be brought back to the capital, their belongings temporarily held by the court, with no one allowed to get closed to them. He also sent one of his guards to send a secret document to the investigation team back home.

All this matter is not as important as finding where Ji Li You is now.

The current court is at peace, although it is near impossible for a rebellion to happen now, but for him to be constantly targeted by someone made him feel really uncomfortable.

Chai Zhi Tui has been managing Jiangsu for so many years, and involved so much money, most probably Ji Li You’s nest should be in Jiangsu too.

Ji Li You’s previous plan was not successful, so most probably he has returned to Jiangsu as well.

Which also means, them coming to investigate the corruption case has led to uncovering of an even bigger case…

But where is Ji Li You? How to make him appear?

Ji Wu Jiu felt that if Ji Li You found out about his appearance in Jiangsu, he will send someone to assassinate him. In this peaceful era, for him to rise an army to rebel against the Ji Wu Jiu seems impossible, but without an heir now, if Ji Wu Jiu is gone, Ji Li You would be able to ascend the throne rightfully.

Assassins are also smart, guarding Ji Wu Jiu are strong people, if the assassins dare to do any hanky panky, then it wouldn’t be an assassination plan but a suicide plan.

So helplessly, Ji Wu Jiu got no choice but to help the assassins create opportunity. He ordered his guards to keep at least 1mile away from him, and equipping a few signal gun, and when there is a need, when the signal gun is used the guards will be able to rush over.

Ye Zhen Zhen is wearing the silk shirt, so she should be safe.

This matter was not mentioned to Ye Zhen Zhen, he thought that it would be easier to explain to her after all this ended, she won’t be able to help in the investigation process anyway.

Therefore for the following few days, Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen was loitering around in Jingling City, enjoying themselves. Ye Zhen Zhen really liked the atmosphere and storytellings in the teahouses albeit not really understanding their dialect. So she will visit that place almost everyday, later on with the help of the local people, she found out that the story was about the emperor and Xuan Nu fairy.

One evening, when Ye Zhen Zhen was walking around, she happen to came across a pill shop, and inside they were selling some pills that can help end a man’s part in continuing the next generation.  The shopkeeper was chatty person, holding on to the bottle, he explained to Ye Zhen Zhen, ‘Madam, please do not worry, this pill is made by a secret formula by our shop, going through 81 steps of process, this little pill is confirmed to make sure a man is unable to get it up for at least 10 days. No matter how much of  a warrior he is, his pride will surely be diminished. Madam you are so beautiful, you truly need to have this medicine by your side, for unforeseen circumstances a…..

Ji Wu Jiu’s face turned black as he listened, wanting to grab it, Ye Zhen Zhen was a step faster and pocketed the pills already, and smiled at him, “When you want to eat, then only I will give you”

Ji Wu Jiu immediately turned into a cat from a tiger, his voice turning soft, almost whispering to her, “Zhen Zhen, I will help you store it well”

Ye Zhen Zhen held on to it, and laughed, “I am afraid you will it eat secretly”

…. Just who on earth would be so desperate to eat that type of things.

The both of them left the place bickering, but to find that the rain has started. Ji Wu Jiu held out an umbrella and walked along the streets with Ye Zhen Zhen.

The umbrella was pale yellow, with a drawing of a red plum blossom. The two person under the umbrella, one in white, another in red, the man handsome and tall, the lady pretty, both of them standing together really makes them look like a pair of immortals, not human at all. Both of them managed to attract many ppl’s attention along the way, stopping on a bridge.

Ye Zhen Zhen pulled Ji Wu Jiu’s hand and said “ Lets go ride a boat”

“okay”, towards her requests, it has always been okay.

Ji Wu Jiu rejected the boat that was offered by the owner, and only rented a small boat. After helping Ye Zhen Zhen on to the boat, he got on and took the oars. Due to some unspeakable reasons, Ji Wu Jiu previously learnt how to rowed a boat, and the boat smoothly moved in the river, when it reached the middle, Ji Wu Jiu got up from the oars and moved towards Ye Zhen Zhen.

The boat was still big enough for the two of them to stay at the same corner without flipping.

Ye Zhen Zhen was standing at the head of the boat looking at the scenery. The scenes from standing atop the bridge is truly different from the scenes seen on the boat. On the bridge, you will think you are looking at a drawing, on the boat, it likes you are part of the drawing itself.

The fog has enveloped their surroundings, making it seem possible to catch them. In the midst of the fog there is an umbrella, and lady in red. Ye Zhen Zhen only knew that she is in a drawing, but did not know that she herself was the drawing.

“Credits in the image”

Ji Wu Jiu was looking at her back, heart pounding. Although the both of them could no longer be any more intimate as they could be, but no matter what, whenever he sees such a beautiful her, his heart will increase its speed. Just like a fool during his first love.

He walked over, and hugged her from the back, leaning down to give her a peck on black hair.

“Really pretty” Ye Zhen Zhen murmured.

“Really, really pretty” Ji Wu Jiu replied. Lightly nibbling her ears, hands slowly moving upwards from her waist, stopping on her chest slowly caressing.

Ye Zhen Zhen “….” Such a scene killer, how can he be only full of those thoughts.

But of course, for Ji Wu Jiu, such a beautiful scene and and environment was truly indeed suitable for this type of thing, if not it is such a waste. He turned Ye Zhen Zhen’s body over, and started kissing her, stopping her from rejecting him.

Initially Ye Zhen Zhen wanted to struggle abit, but she quickly lost her strength from his kisses, her body turned soft from his moves, which resulted to the beautiful fan being dropped into the river from her grip, slowly drifting away.

In the midst of the fog, the both of them were being very intimate. The drizzle of rains hitting on to their bodies were ignored.

That is until, Ye Zhen Zhen was breathless and taking large pants from the kiss. Wiping her forehead, due to her hair being drenched from the rain, and sticking towards her forehead. She struggled and said “You won’t be thinking about doing it… here..right?”

Ji Wu Jiu laughed, “Although I am looking forward to it, but I will definitely not let you be seen by another”  He said, while pulling her into the room.

Some distance away at the river banks, a few figures could be seen going into the river slowly, and swimming like a fish.



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