Chapter 84 – Empress with No Virtue

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If you were to ask Ji Wu Jiu, when does he feel like killing someone the most, he will definitely tell you, when he gets disturbed during his adult playtime with zhen zhen.

He should be grateful that because he wanted to play around a little bit more, before removing all of Ye Zhen Zhen’s clothes, and had just only removed her pants. As for how much he himself has on, let’s not bother.

Ye Zhen Zhen was the first one to realise something was not right. She was lying on the bed, with Ji Wu Jiu kissing in between her legs, so she was able to hear clearly that there was a sound, of something hitting the boat from the outside. So feeling abit weird she asks Ji Wu Jiu, “Is there a big fish knocking on our boat in the water?”

Ji Wu Jiu don’t know why she is suddenly saying that out of no where, so he bite her lightly while saying, “just concentrate here”

“Dong” another sound came.

Ye Zhen Zhen frowned, “It wouldn’t be humans right?”

Ji Wu Jiu’s brain which was full of “playsss” suddenly had a struck of rationality… it’s here!

Just that the timing really is not right….

With a black face he let Ye Zhen Zhen go, and quickly put on some clothings, and quietly moved to the door to listen for any more movements. Ye Zhen Zhen was still laying on the bed, with her ears pressed downwards, trying to hear better, she suddenly said “ It won’t be assassins right?”

“Shhh…” Ji Wu Jiu places his finger on his lips, when he saw Ye Zhen Zhen accidently, he nearly had blood coming out from his nose. In order for her to place her ears closer to hear better, her waist was very curved, her behind was raised rather high up, her clothes slowly riding up to her waist, only a small piece of cloth is covering her behind, but definitely not doing a good job…

Ji Wu Jiu’s throat got tighten, “You… put on your pants first…”


Ye Zhen Zhen then stood up and wore her pants. Ji Wu Jiu don’t dare to look at her anymore, and turned away towards the door to check out the situation. After a while, he opened the door and walked out.

With a splash of water, a few person has started to climb up the boat from under the water.

Without thinking, Ji Wu Jiu immediately send out his emergency flare. He faced Ye Zhen Zhen “Wear the silk clothes and don’t come out, if there is anything, call out to me” After finishing this sentence, the assassins has already started to inch up closer, Ji Wu Jiu then started to fight with them.

It really was assassins! Ye Zhen Zhen felt weird, were these group of people after the emperor or after the her? However, it is not the time to think about all this, she stood up and moved towards the other door, hands holding on to a stool, with a look of caution. However, even after a moment there was no sign of assassins coming towards her, they really are here for the emperor.

Outside, after a few rounds of fight with Ji Wu Jiu, he managed to push 2 down into the river, before his guards arrived. 18 of them arrived and killed 6 of the assassins, and captured 2 alive, even the 2 that dropped into the water was not let off.

Ji Wu Jiu told them to bring that 2 assassins to be questioned. However, to assassinate such a high power person, normally extra caution will be taken, most probably not much information will be obtained.

So the result was not much different from his expectations, he only managed to lure in the assassins but did not managed to lure Ji Li You out. Also after this event, it will be even harder to get him to come out.

Ji Wu Jiu decided to get more people from the capital to come to Jiangsu to help with the investigation. However with what happened to Chai Zhi Tui earlier, most probably Ji Li You would have figured out that the emperor is checking up on Jiangsu and have since been long gone. Such a big nation, to find a few person is really looking for needles in the sea.

Actually for an emperor to look for someone, it is not that hard, however if the process become too well known then the existence of Ji Li You will be leaked out, that would further complicate the situation.

This person, is really troublesome.

Ye Zhen Zhen don’t know what is happening in Ji Wu Jiu’s mind, she is still stalling in the matters with regards to the assassins,” Your majesty, someone wants to kill you?”

“En”  Ji Wu Jiu nodded.

Ye Zhen Zhen got anxious, “ Why?” Who was so free to assassin the emperor?

After some thought, Ji Wu Jiu decided to tell her the story. From the beginning at the mess in the palace, however during that period, the both of them haven’t exist yet so the story was not in too much of details. However the previous crown prince has a son, and that son was called Ji Li You, with regards to this matter, it is confirmed. Ji Wu Jiu linked up the glamourous acts done by, Ji Li You, Bai Jian Cheng and Chai Zhi Tui and told her, Ye Zhen Zhen got more and more anxious, “this, this, this… it is real?”

“Chai Zhi Tui and Bai Jian Cheng’s case has not been completely clear yet, however Ji Li You’s identity has been confirmed, not to mention, this person is someone you know”

Ye Zhen Zhen was surprised, “I know? The only person I know within this age range, is only…. My cousin brother?!”

Ji Wu Jiu took a look at her, “ Why does all the good thing and the bad thing are all immediately linked only to your brother… it’s Li You”

“Him? Doesn’t look like it… he saved me before “

“Silly” Ji Wu Jiu knocked lightly on her head, “If he had links with the Nuzhen tribe then to enter the army camp would be an easy job, to act out a scene with Duo Duo Wu La Tu to get your trust, is definitely not a hard task. At Liaodong itself, he should have been able to guess our identities, then later when he appeared in the army camp, most probably he planned to group up with Bo Ri Tie Chi Na to attack Ji city. He previously also had some other plans, but has been blocked by us”

“So it is like that.” Ye Zhen Zhen, upon recalling what happened earlier, she realized that whenever Li You smilled, there was always this hint of evilness. “Then… that time when Concubine Su searched for assassins that time… it was real?”

“Concubine Su was cheated, the assassin was real, and so was the lethal poison on the sword. Ji Wu Jiu looked at her sadly.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt really guilty, she didn’t think too much about it previously, but thinking about it now really makes her scared. What if he was really harmed by the sword, then he wouldn’t be sitting in front of her now..

“Zhen Zhen, you don’t care about me” Ji Wu Jiu said sadly.

Ye Zhen Zhen immediately responded with, “ I am sorry!”

Suddenly he moved forward and looked at her straight into her eyes, “Then how are you going to compensate me?”

Towards this type of situation Ye Zhen Zhen has become a seasoned pro, looking at him shyly, “What do you want?”

Ji Wu Jiu’s head was full of the image of her having her behind up in the air in the boat earlier, he felt that his body was itching up, so he grabbed her up without any hesitation and carried her to the bed.


Because of what happened to Ji Wu Jiu this time, Ye Zhen Zhen decided to head back to the capital earlier. Ji Wu Jiu also had much to do back in the capital, both thinking alike and agreed to return. However before they go back, they still had one more thing to do. To visit Ye Xiu Ming..

Ye Xiu Ming was stayin gat Jiangyin, about 300 to 400 miles away from Jinling. Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen used a big sailboat flowing along the river towards the east. Ye Zhen Zhen was a real lucky star, no matter where they went the journey was smooth, they departed in the morning and reached Jiangyin port by dusk.

Ye Xiu Ming has ordered someone to wait for their arrival and to bring them back.

Ye Xiu Ming’s life so far was well spent. A big farm with a loyal servants. Along side his farm he also bought a large water pond, now planted with lotus, with fishes inside, and ducks. When Ye Zhen Zhen arrived, she was lucky enough to taste the first batch of duck eggs. Grandma said when autumn arrives then they would be able to eat the lotus roots and seeds.

But of course, those are just on the surface. Their lives now are happier mainly because of the lack of political factors, less headache, less arguments and schemes.

Therefore when Ji Wu Jiu mentioned about Chai Zhi Tui’s case to him, Ye Xiu Ming replied with “ Your majesty, I am just a lowly farmer at the countryside, I am sure there is capable people in the court that can help you”

Ji Wu Jiu stops mentioning about this matter, and only spoke about the matters of family. Removing his dragon robes, he does seem like the junior and are in a more harmonious tone with him. The both of them are currently fishing infront of the pond. There were many fishes in the pond, and also stupid, so the fishes keeps coming up one after another, not like the normal peaceful fishing.  Looking at the fish basket beside him, Ji Wu Jiu can’t help but to think about what a really good and real lifestyle this is. Without rush, without schemes, peaceful and real.

Ji Wu Jiu was envious of Ye Xiu Ming. But it stops there, he is a person with too many burdens, and could not afford to live like this. Well at least not at the moment. Ye Xiu Ming also had to go through a few decades of tough life in the court before he can achieve this tranquility. People at this age should really hold on to some sort of responsibility, if a young person is to live this type of lifestyle so early, he is not a hermit but a useless person.

From far, Ye Zhen Zhen’s laughter could be heard, Ji Wu Jiu’s lips too slowly moved upwards. That was Ye Zhen Zhen playing with her nephew. He was only 3 years old, his small name is An An. He is a very adorable child, with eyes as big as grapes and also mischievous. A 3 years old kid with short legs, but still like to run around with Ye Zhen Zhen, while she also likes to tease him. Therefore this mischievous pair can always be seen running here and there together in this farm.

When Ye Zhen Zhen finally got tired, Ji Wu Jiu’s fish basket was also full. He just only put down his fishing rod and stood up, he was pulled by Ye Zhen Zhen to harvest some water chestnut by the river.

The water chestnut grows under their leaves, reddish in colour with little spikes, making them look like sharp gold ingots. Ji Wu Jiu was controlling the small boat while Ye Zhen Zhen was getting the water chestnuts while humming a local song. Her voice was sweet, and while she is singing it made her look like the ladies from Jiangnan.

Ji Wu Jiu stared at the calm river, while listening to her melody, he was filled with blissfulness.

When Ye Zhen Zhen got tired, she leaned against Ji Wu Jiu’s legs, looking up on the blue sky, she suddenly called out, “Ji Wu Jiu”


“I want to give birth to a child for you”

Ji Wu Jiu felt that his heart was heating. Leaning against the oars, he looked at her and gently said, “ We will have a lot of children”



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